Very soon…

Will you go to the seaside with me? We will leave early in the morning, just before sunrise.  No worries, it will be warm already, because in the summer the sun does a really good job here. First we will say hello to the sea.  I do not know how about you, but I alwaysContinue reading “Very soon…”


Yes, yes, also around Vergajar * there are cloudy days, rains and even downpours! In a day like this, typical for Finca San Mateo, waking up usually takes me some time. First I slowly open my eyes. Very slowly even, because half of my mind is still in the world of dreams… Then, welcomed byContinue reading “Rain”

Maxiu and me

We are lying on the grass, very close to each other, and in some incomprehensible way our energies begin to connect.  With each passing moment the spirits are getting brighter. Our bodies, tired with the worries of the recent days, begin to breathe easier and easier.  We have our eyes closed, and our heads areContinue reading “Maxiu and me”