Rainbows of the morning

The world outside the window is truly magical.

I love spending early mornings in the armchair next to the window… During this precious time I adore watching the metamorphoses that take place in every single minute of dawn.

These moments when the birds wake up and shapes of the palm trees imitate a black and white photo from an old travel book … The sunrise and the first rays of light that illuminate the landscape…  This special phenomenon in a fascinating way changes the colours of the picture. They become much warmer – sometimes orange,  other times pink, but they always look like the bloom of Spanish hibiscuses.

This is my favourite moment of the day. I like it so much because it beautifully  promises a brand new beginning.  In a moment the birds will start singing their morning joy and this special song will surely wake up the rest of the inventory.  The dogs will join the serenade and the donkeys of my neighbours will respond with an enthusiastic braying.

But now I am enjoying the wonderful state I am in – somewhere between a discretion of the night and a concert twitching of the dawn.

Variety of the colours slowly appear in the garden, and the sun begins its way by placing soft rays on my face.  I always think that this feeling must be similar to the sensation of flowers that are connected to solar charging. Thanks to that they are able to gain a lot of strength and desire to live.

This wonderful warmth that I sense on the cheeks is a sign. The signal that it’s time to put my shoes on and to begin to conquer the Andalusian world of outside the window.

My old flip-flops in combination with the socks look pathetic, but well – neither plants nor animals are going to criticize me.  I go out into the garden and take a deep breath.  The air is already warmed by the sun and fragrance of orange flowers makes me wonderfully dizzy.  They are also just beginning to open their flakes.  I look around and once again realize how lucky I am.  My gratitude has become a habit and I feel that it will never leave me.  So I am enjoying every moment that I spend in my beautiful Finca. In this dream place that exists as a result of a perfect cooperation of hundreds plants and creatures. 

I am trying to experience it as fully as I only can, aware that nothing lasts forever.

Well, the lush vegetation around probably would not survive only on the pure admiration.  I feed them with it every day, but now it is time to focus on a bit more pragmatic occupation.

Therefore, I quickly grab a watering can and start the prose of watering.  I admire the feeling of water drops splashing into thousands of particles and gently cooling my sun-heated face.  There are days when these droplets create an unusual glow of a rainbow.  However, the picture is vulnerably fleeting and any attempts are able to keep it.  The rainbow usually disappears when the camera button is pressed.  And this is another valuable experience.  It makes us realize that certain things are made to be only for ourselves.  Therefore, despite our purest  intentions, we will not be able to share them with other people.  Instead, we can fully recognize and accept them fully. We can also treat these unique parts of life as some priceless and very personal presents.  The exceptional gifts from the universe.

I often have  impression that the plants we supply water to, in their own way can express their deep gratitude.  Water is for them as a gift of existence.  In consequence, their colours become noticeably brighter and their smells turn out to be more intense.  I am not able to explain it, but in some way can I sense this specific energy and thanks to it I become an extremely happy being.  Magnificent feeling.

Still in the process of this unusual meditating, with warmth in my heart and peace of mind, I fill the watering can with water again.  I will be back here tomorrow and I will receive a piece of my magic once more …

Now, however, the earliest part of the morning is coming to an end, so I am going to feed the dog that is eagerly running around me.

But this is a completely different story.

Published by szymanskawriterteacher

I am a writer and teacher who lives in Andalusia. The colours of this place, visible on every single level, inspired me to write a story serie. It is called "Pages from Finca San Mateo" or "Kartki z Finki San Mateo", because I write in two languages - English and Polish.

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