Maxiu and me

We are lying on the grass, very close to each other, and in some incomprehensible way our energies begin to connect.  With each passing moment the spirits are getting brighter. Our bodies, tired with the worries of the recent days, begin to breathe easier and easier.  We have our eyes closed, and our heads are turned straight towards the sun. In this way we are able to feel its rays more intensely.

Another day is coming to the end. We are so lucky. It gave us a lot of deep peace and pure, unconditional love.

No, I am not going to tell you any kind of romantic stories here.  So many writers have done it… Spain is definitively not a place where Julia wants to die for Romeo.  The local Julieta has a long, frilly dress, red hibiscus in her black hair, and an unbridled desire to live.  She may fail, but even if it happens, she always fights by dancing her hot flamenco.

However, I will tell you about something that is even more special.  About experiencing another, and at the same time, very close soul.

We get up, dust ourselves off the grass and go for a walk to enjoy the beauty of our Finca.  The fig trees in spring are just breathtaking.  In this season their buds transform into fresh leaves of a juicy, green colour. This special picture, with all its shadows, becomes a feast for the eyes. Some tiny fruit grow on the trees as well.  I look forward to the moment when they turn into sweet, purple or white figs. Then they can be eaten straight from the tree.

I am watching my companion with pride and tenderness that cannot be in any way hidden.  His eyes always reflect these feelings like a mirror.

So many people try to convince me that he is just a dog.  It is indeed a dog, but definitely not “just”.  He is the creature that gave me all his life to make me happy.

We are sitting by a stone bench.  Behind us there is an olive garden, and in front of our eyes we can see the mountains and the evening, but still purely azure sky.  It is warm, cloudless and very calm.  Only birds, according to their daily custom, happily celebrate our visit.  When I look at my best friend, I could swear he was smiling.  So I am smiling too.  And at this moment the sun envelops us even more intensively.  I often feel bewitching power when Maxiu is close to me.  He was always by my side, even in the most difficult moments of my existence.  Also when I thought that I was forgotten by all the angels.  But at such moments I always felt that this shabby creature was the most devoted angel of mine … He only received the fur instead of wings.

All we need is a short gaze at each other and we are continuing our walk.  The air magically smells with orange flowers. They rise enthusiastically next to the ripening fruit.  Soon, another portion of juicy and full-flavoured oranges will go into jars. Then I will put them on the shelf, next to the pots of last year’s figs.

It is almost a sunset. The stunning travel of the sun that goes back home, to rest behind the mountains. Unfortunately, my beautiful, four-legged soul, that follows every single step of me, is no longer able to watch it fully.

I was so scared when he got ill.  Due to the situation I was almost sure that I would have to say goodbye to him.  Fortunately, both of us had enough strength to fight.  And that is why we can walk in the gardens of Andalusia today.  We are the winners of this great battle.

Despite of the fact that his sense of vision was almost completely taken away by illness, he still has a happy life. Well, my eyes are good enough for both of us.  Not only dogs can be the guides, right?

When the light is beginning to hide behind the treetops, we are also, according to the cycle of the day, heading towards the house.  The windows are wide open, so even now I can smell the evening, fragrant air in the living room.  My small, great amigo is enjoying his hearty meal and going to sleep.  He will be resting with his head on my feet and then will fall asleep slowly.

I can feel his calm breath and I know that this feeling will always be my home. No matter where life is going to take me.

Even when his calm breathing turns into loud snoring.  

* The form of the title is inspired by the first classic book that appeared on my Spanish way – Platero y yo by Juan Ramón Jimenez

Published by szymanskawriterteacher

I am a writer and teacher who lives in Andalusia. The colours of this place, visible on every single level, inspired me to write a story serie. It is called "Pages from Finca San Mateo" or "Kartki z Finki San Mateo", because I write in two languages - English and Polish.

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